George Mason University     |     Ganiraju Manyam, Ancha Baranova


KEGG Pathway Painter (KPP) performs batch painting of all relevant pathways in KEGG according to uploaded lists of upregulated and downregulated genes. This simple tool is extremely handy for a rapid glimpse onto the functional relevance of the candidate genes lists obtained in the high-throughput studies like microarray, mass-spectrometry or GWA.

KPP returns a set of pathway images that give a holistic perspective to the functional importance of the change in the GE patterns revealed by given high-throughput experiment and facilitate extraction of the biological insights.The URL to the index of the resulting images is sent to the user by e-mail along with the job summary.Users can browse through these high-resolution pathway images and an archive of the painted pathways can also be downloaded for future reference.

The KPP processes data through direct interface to the KEGG database, and therefore, the KPP painted pathways are always up-to date with reference to KEGG knowledgebase.