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WSS has two types of membership:

To learn how to become a member, please visit Joining The Washington Statistical Society or download our >brochure (pdf, ~128kb).

Technical Sessions

One of the most important contributions WSS makes to the statistical community is organizing and sponsoring technical programs, which are free to any interested persons (members or nonmembers). Some sessions are general in nature, others are more specialized and focus on technical issues of interest to more narrow subgroups of the membership.

The technical sessions are arranged by program chair-persons listed in Board of Directors and Committees. Their titles illustrate the range of topics for the sessions. There are usually 60 program sessions offered each year at convenient locations in the metropolitan area. They are usually presented on workdays during daytime hours.

In 1991, WSS initiated the Morris Hansen Lecture, an annual event which centers around a special presentation by a distinguished statistician. This talk is generally followed by a wine and cheese reception.

Notices of the WSS technical sessions appear in the WSS Newsletter each month and are available on-line.

Annual Social Events

There are two regularly scheduled WSS social events per year, which provides an opportunity for members to enjoy one another's company. The first is the holiday wine and cheese party held in December. The other is the annual dinner which is usually held in June. At the annual dinner, election results are announced, special awards are presented, and an invited speaker is featured. These fee events are announced in the Newsletter and on-line well in advance.

Short Courses

The WSS offers several short courses each year. Some are developed especially for WSS, others are based around videotaped versions of ASA Continuing Education events. Attendance at these events is usually limited and a nominal fee is charged.

Other Activities

Other Society activities include:

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